In My Mind

In My Mind was directed by Gary Hawkins, and Premiered at Full Frame.

"In My Mind" takes as its departure point Jason Moran's extraordinary 2009 concert of Thelonius Monk's music, performed on the 50th aniversary and at the same venue as the legendary Monk at Town Hall show. As anyone familiar with Gary Hawkins' previous work could have predicted, that doesn't begin to describe the resulting film. Fortunately, lots of other people are willing to describe it--a few links to reviews and lots of other information can be found on the film's Facebook page .

I was the DP for the seven-camera performance shoot at Town Hall and the loft recreation, and also served as colorist. Many thanks to my friends Gary and (producer and co-editor) Emily LaDue, who together spent a solid year spinning the footage into gold. Thanks also to the operators at Town Hall, in addition to Gary and Emily: Audrey Hill, Stephanie Johnes, Duncan McKenna, and Melanie Plageman.

"In My Mind" premiered at Full Frame in April 2010, and has since been invited to screen at festivals and venues around the world.

Steve Milligan